Muni-Link Billing Testimonials

Big or Small, our customers love us.

"I absolutely love Muni-Link.  It was an amazingly easy transition from our old software" ~Kylie Rhone, Billing Manager, Huntingdon Borough

"When Muni-Link was first introduced to me, I was a bit nervous with the change. The change over went smoother than I anticipated. Of course there were some growing pains, but the Muni-Link staff and customer service were excellent. I really want to let everyone know that Muni-Link's help desk is the greatest. If they cannot give you the answer to your question right away, you can guarantee they will get you the answer you need in a timely manor. We had Inhance as our last billing system and Muni-Link is so much better. They are definitely more user friendly with so many different options that I never knew even existed. I would recommend Muni-Link to anyone that is thinking about updating to a new billing system." ~Susan Lee, Administrative Assistant/Billing, Blairsville Municipal Authority

"The fact that you provide regular updates makes me feel like you listen to us.  You take our ideas and implement them and grow the product with us as our business grows." ~Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing, Lower Swatara Township

"Muni-Link has been like a Godsend to me.  I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along and saved me from my old software!  My billing run process has easily been cut in half." ~Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing, Lower Swatara Township

"Customer support is the best. I get someone every time and always helpful. I don't know how they could get any better. Even for a very small authority, Muni-Link was budget friendly and gave me a level of program that I never thought we could afford. I have never had any regrets on choosing Muni-Link." ~Donna Martin, Windsor Borough

"I don’t know what to do with myself.. I feel like I’m missing something. Trust me, you’re making my life easier!" ~Jenn Emig, Billing Clerk, Municipal Water Authority of Greenville

"I was very scared.  I had a lot of pressure on me because I was short staffed.  I was truly frantic.  However, it was the most painless process ever! There was Muni-Link staff right here with me during the conversion.  Information was forwarded to me well ahead of time, and I felt well trained when we went live." ~Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing, Lower Swatara Township

Muni-Link WebPresence Testimonials

“Whoever is taking care of WebPresence support deserves a giant raise… that guy takes such great care of us and has even taken care of issues before we even realized they were issues.” ~ Michele George, Monroeville Water Authority

"The support staff for Web Presence is amazing! They monitor our accounts and let us know of any issues before we are even aware of them. The website is easy to navigate and Muni-Link has made the process of updating our content on the website simple to do. We couldn’t ask for a better company to work with." ~ Jody Poorbaugh, Blairsville Municipal Authority

"Their response time is incredible and the support team is extremely helpful."  ~ Ellen Fisher, Utilities Commission City of New Smyrna Beach

"We've noticed a substantial increase in our Autodraft and Ebilling signups after switching to Muni-Lnk WebPresence." ~ Michele George, Monroeville Water Authority