Integrations Made Simple

With Muni-Link’s “Integration Manager,” we make it straightforward and simple to connect other applications with Muni-Link. Since Muni-Link is both a Utility Billing solution and a full Customer Information System, it is important to integrate to other solutions in place within utility customers. Muni-Link has current or planned integrations with the following technologies

Asset Management Diagram

Asset Management

Real-time integration to various asset management solutions streamlines the coordination of billing and field work. Work orders are automatically managed between systems from dispatch to completion. The overall solution creates improved communication with both field services and also customers providing up to the minute information for shutoff payments and work orders.

Meter Reading Software (AMI/AMR)

Muni-Link has full support for any type of AMI or AMR meter reading system.

Outsourced Print & Mail

Muni-Link integrates with many Print & Mail providers throughout the United States.

This will truly give you the best of all worlds, allowing you to choose the specific solutions that best fit your needs, while also saving you money by not having to purchase expensive multi-module software systems.


Muni-Link has real-time integration to GIS for validating Service Addresses and the ability to share service address demographics, meter, and usage information with GIS.

Accounting / ERP

Muni-Link offers real-time integration to several Accounting solutions, and integrates to most Accounting solutions.

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